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Beauty Treatments


During this advanced treatment tiny plasma flashes also referred to as an electric arc are discharged from the tip of the plasma device. The tool itself never touches the skin however plasma flashes create a tiny dot upon contact. There are no cuts, blood or damage to the skin. This innovative procedure uses a sublimation process, turning solid directly into gas to tighten skin tissue. Targeted tissue sublimates, causing no damage to surrounding areas or deeper skin layers.


This treatment offers amazing skin tightening results without the downtime of surgery. Plasma tightening works by triggering your body's own healing process to achieve results. Mild swelling is expected during the first three days post treatment with the plasma dots falling off by day 5-7. This treatment tightens skin, improves the appearance of stretch marks, scars & removes skin tags. It can take up to 12 weeks to see complete results which can last up to 3 - 5 years. 

Treatment time: dependant on chosen area. 

Upper eyelid lift: £300

Lower eyelid lift: £300 

Forehead: £250 

Lower facelift: £350 

Lip flip: £200 

Jawline: £250 

Neck: £300


Lower face & neck lift: £600 

Full face lift (not including eye area): £600

Mummy Tummy: £350 

Décolletage: £300 

Hands: £250 

Stretch marks: from £150 

Skin tag removal (minimum three tags): from £75

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